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Eroticspank.com is beating a path to your viewing door with free daily updates, offering streaming spanking videos exhibiting how what once was punishment is now considered pure pleasure. The word spanking will fill your mind with memories; staying out past curfew, refusing to do your chores, telling lies, etc., where the punishment for those acts meant being taken out to the wood-shed and turned over someone's knee. It's now a penalty of pornographic measure, as the spanking videos show nicely.

It's different strokes for different folks making the world go 'round and also keeping the cries, whimpers, and orgasms radiating from behind bedroom doors. Is it bizarre or possibly perverted? It depends on who you ask. Some may still associate spanking as a disciplinary act, one that certainly doesn't push arousal to the forefront of their libido, but for others, those very special others that enjoy a little pain with their pleasure, they see it as a chance to turn their ass cheeks pink and build the heat in their loins. Pick a safe-word, any word and trust your partner, make it consensual and then roll down those panties and assume your position. The high definition spanking videos will keep you in close contact with the kinkiness, where paddles, belts, and hands are used for turning the booty a hot shade of crimson.

Studies have shown that spanking releases a mixture of chemicals into your brain; those endorphins create a euphoric erotica, making it a desired addition to foreplay and hardcore actions. When BDSM sessions are in full bloom, it's not unusual to see a submissive servant tied down or hoisted up, completely naked and feeling the wrath of a firm hand or possibly a riding crop or wooden paddle being used on their ass as vibrators are applied to their clits. The physical and emotional portions of their brain are colliding into a world of wetness, and once the extreme orgasm is achieved, it's hard to take a step back into a vanilla lifestyle.

Whether it's lesbian spanking porn or hard spanking videos that push you towards being the giver or the receiver, you'll find that and much more through the daily updated sex videos of eroticspank.com. The free clips will take you by the hand and walk you through the unedited and always XXX rated content. Reaching into the deepest recesses of your mind, the special tuck-away spot where perverted desires live and breathe, you'll feel the unique stimulation of your needs met in high-quality style.

They say some of the best moments in life are the ones you can't tell anyone about, but you'll want to share the findings from these spanking videos with all of your dominant and submissive friends. The door is always open, and the last one out will turn off the light...or else they'll be spanked.




WankzVR brings the interactive fetish stimulation of being turned over someone's knee for punishment, but in reality it's truly pleasure. Spanking porn will teach lessons in lust and arousal.

VR Porn WankzVR.com
Rated: 4.1



Fetish filled unruliness will certainly lead to an appropriate type of punishment. POVR.com gives the virtual experience of spanking porn, where asses turn pink and libidos will soar.

Free VR Porn POVR.com
Rated: 4.9